Friday, June 02, 2006

Late-Nite Dining Recommendation

I was recently asked whether or not SoBoy and I had found a hangout in Chicago that was equivalent to our fave place back home.

Actually, no.

One thing that being in Chicago has reminded me of is just how damn fortunate we are back home. And spoiled!

But, I have to admit that our late-night dinner at Bijan's makes me wish that I had a few more weeks up here so that I could eat there a couple more times.

We've been walking past the place since March and, I must admit, a place that stays open til 4:00am didn't sound all that promising. (I mean, how good does the food actually have to be at 4:00 am in in order for the customer to be satisfied? From my own experience, I'll eat almost anything at that hour - no matter how tasteless or badly prepared.)

Still, the interior has always looked inviting and the diners that we glimpsed through the windows ranged from families to couples holding hands to groups of students and folks meeting after work. All in al, a very neighborhood kind of vibe.

So, after we got home from Spamalot last night, we gave the place a try.

The interior is cozy and sort of upscale looking (click on the restaurant's name for a few pics that can be accessed through the restaurant's website.) and the food and service were excellent. (Actually, it's only the second meal that I've had in Chicago where the plates were properly heated so that my entree remained hot throughout the meal! )

There is a rather extensive wine and drinks list, for those inclined. It was rather smokey but that's pretty standard up here.

Oh. Did I mention that they stay open til 4:00 am?


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