Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I Can Tell That I'm In Chicago 'Cause It's Raining

As I understand it, the weather in Chicago was hot and sunny over the holiday weekend.

Well, as we were elsewhere, I have no way of knowing.

Still, I imagine that it must have been every bit as hot as the Weather Channel made out, because we returned to the apartment to discover that the air conditioning had actually been switched on!

As you may have already learned, the city of Chicago has this little ordinance thingy that requires landlords to supply heat to residential units until June 1 of each year. Well, it is not always possible to switch a building's system back and forth from heating to cooling. In our building, that's meant that they've been running the system in neutral for a while. While the fan has made things a bit more comfortable for those of us on the North side of the building, those poor schmucks over on the South side must have been roasting.

All I can figure is that there must have been some sort of uprising over on that side of the building because the AC had been switched on at least a day earlier than mandated by the city.

Of course, now we'll get a cold snap.


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